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I did not have any step-siblings growing up, but a few of my friends did. For the most part, there was nothing sexual there, except for Chad and Erica. Their parents got married after the kids were already teenagers. They’d made out once before their parents had even met. So, of course, that situation got awkward. I feel bad about it now that I am older, but back then, us guys were relentless with Erica once she started living in Chad’s house. We were constantly sneaking into her room, embarrassing her, reading her diary, and peeking in her window. She hated us and shame on the parents for not doing more to stop it. We were assholes to that girl.

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I must admit I’ve never been the slightest bit shy. I don’t care about rejection because I know either way it is just part of life. Do I get upset if I’m looking for masturbation partners and it takes me a few tries to get the perfect partner? not in the slightest.

I know from doing this so often that it is better to have a willing partner than to have someone that just doesn’t put in the effort. I’d rather go a few rounds of jerking with someone that is going to show as much effort as me, that just makes perfect sense when you think about it.

Are there times when you should just go for it no matter what? sure, that is going to happen from time and time and so long as that’s all that you’re looking for why not just bust a nut. For the most part, you won’t be looking for a quick fix, you will be wanting the real thing and most of the time that only comes from mixing it up with the hottest jerk off partners. Try it out for yourself and you will soon see why this does make all the difference.

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