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Posted By Admin on 10/25/18

Okay, confession time. I am 5’8″. I used to like tall girls and sometimes they would like me back, but I got sick of all the little comments people would make, so now I only date girls who are shorter than me. I am also thoroughly fed up with the idea that tall guys are somehow more masculine or whatever. Shit pisses me off to no end.

Now that I have that off my chest, I would like to ask you tall dudes to back off the petite chicks. Fap to them all you want. I’ll even give you a great deal on a petite site in a minute here, but first I want to make my case. You have all the physical advantages in dating. It makes it tougher for guys like me. Take all the tall girls, but leave the 5’4″ and under to the rest of us. Stop being greedy bastards.

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