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At least not a single girl out there grows knowing or expecting that they will someday in their marriages be second wives. Love relationships in their nature are very dynamical. One time you flirt, with your partner, get intimate and finally bear children then, boom! Something comes up, which drives a rift between you and your husband chose to marry a second wife.

A case, most people, consider better is when you get married to a widower. However, the fact still holds that you are not his first wife. As much as they might love you, there are high chances they could be still thinking of their first wives. As a second wife, therefore, you must be sure of various challenges you are likely to face. Let’s find out some of the most common ones.

Negative Stigma

Do you want to know the reasons why some people choose the adult doll over that of real humans? Well, avoidance of stigmatization is one of them. Naturally, no one in this life prefers staying in the second position. It is quite hurting when you get introduced as the second wife. It hurts. It appears as though you are some consolation prize. Meaning, your priority is limited. You are never the first choice but the second.

Hence, before you decide on being a second wife, you should entirely prepare for all this. However, it is still strange that some people bear being in the third, fourth, or fifth and so on positioning in some communities upholding polygamy.

Baggage from the first marriage

Marriage breakups cause painful emotional and psychological wounds, some of which do not heal, not even with a second marriage. If, for instance, the man you married had a barren wife before, the pressure will now be on you. Most likely, it will be out of the man’s desire to have children and not necessarily your love.


If the man you married had children and no mother, it means that you will be a stepparent. Taking care of children, especially at their young age, can be difficult and most likely requires biological parents. One major challenge with this is that the children may not accept you; neither will some of the man’s relatives and friends. Worse could be if the man’s Ex does not like you to handle her children. It can lead to more fights and endless misunderstandings.

Things moving up so quick

First marriages for both partners go slow and unfolds procedurally. From dating to wedding. Both of you dream big and experience everything for the first time together. This is all the fun. However, as a woman getting married as a second wife, it means that most likely the man is in his mid to late thirties or forties, fifties or beyond. Such people have so far understood what life is and how it works.

If therefore, you are in your twenties, probably you will feel everything is moving fast. The man will expect you to know more about what you haven’t yet even experienced.


Not only the second wives will face this even the first. Some men are egocentric and will stop at nothing other than harassing their wives. Such men should always embrace the various sex dolls available if companionship is what they want. Sexdollslove has the most excellent, cost-friendly varieties one would want to consider.


Join in a relationship with humans and be ready to face all the challenges pertained. No relationship sail successfully without hitches and hickups of misunderstandings and fights. All the time, the best alternative is adult dolls. Get your most realistic design if it is the muscular type, teen, or any other and avoid all these complicacy – if at all, you do not need children of cause.

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